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Our Goal is to provide Agents nationwide with the SIA Result Page, a tool created to explain a family’s financial position in minutes.
Welcome Corporate Partners!
CSRS is offering a free trial demonstration of the SIA Solution which provides real- time answers and critical financial solution for the housing crisis.
A coalition of profits & non-profit agencies helping one another service American Homeowners to understand their financial tomorrow and more!


Our professional team has extensive experience in Administration, Budget, Credit, Real Estate, Mortgage, Client relations, Homeowner Education, Evaluation and Analysis of a client's financial situation.

John M. Navarro: CEO/Broker of Cal State Relocation, Inc.,Twenty-four years in Finance, Bad debt, Credit Analysis, Budgets, First-time Homebuyer programs, Real Estate and Training, Project Innovator and Entrepreneur. John has spent the last four years speaking with hundreds of homeowners and others involved in the financial/housing crisis to unravel the elements which led to this economic disaster. He was personally responsible for the conception and development of the SIA sytem. John believes in going the extra mile and beyond for his clients, associates, friends and family... always! His passion... making America the best it can be for All!

Chris Bell  - Accounts Manager with numerous years in marketing, real estate, and finance. Chris is a dedicated professional who excels in providing great customer service.   

Bonnie White-Navarro - Account Executive, Real Estate Agent and Short Sale Specialist. Licensed nine years ago she has spent for the last four years specializing in short sales and educating herself on issues feeding this volatile market. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she has worked in a variety of industries including the food industry, public relations, publishing, customer relations and event coordination.

Trevor Frew — Financial Planner/Sales - A Specialist for over twenty years in the areas of Credit, Financial Planning, Insurance, Loan Officer and Sales his extensive knowledge, great conviction and concern for his clients has earned him lasting relationships with all he encounters.

Alicia Pagliere - Realtor/Spanish Interpreter - Fluent in: Spanish, French, and English. She is efficient, friendly and "a translator with compassion" to all those requiring her services.

The SIA Foundation-The Non-Profit

Carole Ching — President - Masters: Public Relations
Over twenty years working with non-profits. A grant writer and administrator.

Board Members:

Silvina Martinez: Strategic Director: Experience in politics and social media affairs.

Bonnie White-Navarro: Chief Editor/Advisor: Experience in creating publications and outreach materials for public affairs.  

Lenor Nunez: Director: Implementing programs and cultivating relations with other non-profits.


TLK Foundation  President: Harold Pressley: Pro Basketball player for the Sacramento Kings - His Specialty is making Dreams come true for less advantaged children and their families of the Sacramento area.     

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Carmichael California 95608

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