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After four years of enduring the heartache of the housing crisis and its residual economic devastation we understand that there has been little progress to change the direction in which we have been heading. Here at Cal State Relocation we have been hard at work developing the resources and tools for you, the Real Estate, Financial and Legal professional to help your clients rebuild after a short sale foreclosure and/or bankruptcy. This service is designed to enhance future business with your clients and build your client base. We offer a low-cost program for the client which restores the path to financial and credit well-being. Our system requires No license, No bonds and Minimal training (unless you choose to enroll in our Advanced training classes). Our program and your exceptional Customer Care assures you that when your client is ready to buy again...they will certainly be calling you.

SIA Solution Program

We analyze your client's financial picture and help build an understanding of their income and how their expenses affect their way of living. We want to engage the millions of homeowners who no longer own a home or have never owned a home and are not in a position to buy and prepare them to buy a home. We believe that by embracing our vision of educating the new consumer, we can assist them in achieving a stronger, healthier future for themselves and their family.

SIA Financial & Credit Education

SIA offers the tools and information to help maximize the rebuilding of a healthy credit program for the longterm. 

Getting the facts straight about credit repair and finding a reputable company to work with can be a daunting task. Misinformation about the topic abounds. Too many people feel they are stuck in their current credit situation this is why we are offering an alternative. Learning about your budget and credit is the first step toward improving it.

Final Note

The SIA Application is a financial tool which educates the User/Professional in order to provide a clear road map for their client seeking long-term fiscal recovery.

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