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Our Goal is to provide Agents nationwide with the SIA Result Page, a tool created to explain a family’s financial position in minutes.
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CSRS is offering a free trial demonstration of the SIA Solution which provides real- time answers and critical financial solution for the housing crisis.
A coalition of profits & non-profit agencies helping one another service American Homeowners to understand their financial tomorrow and more!

Home Retention Contract

Dear Client,

This is our new CSRS contract for you to plan your tomorrow. My name is John M. Navarro, Broker/Owner of Cal State Relocation, Inc. since 1994. I have been in the business of Finance/Mortgages, Budget, Credit and Real Estate for over twenty years. For the last four years I have been processing Home Retention forms and Short Sales with much success. I have also been revisiting lender guidelines that are over twenty years old and comparing them to the current guidelines to understand the difference. The other loan programs named “pick a payment,” “stated loans,” and those in "Wall Street" effected our markets and have grown more issues. After reviewing hundreds of Home Retention approvals I determined that the missing elements in the new guidelines reveal the main root of the housing problems. By comparing old quidelines to the new guidelines we can see how critical elements removed are continuing to cause more issues. The new guidelines need to consider revisting the missing elements of lending: Credit, Character, and Capacity, which accounts for real income (or effective gross income/net income) which focuses on actual budgets. This allows the the consumer to have a sustainable home loan and more. These elements have been removed or not used and I cannot explain why?

CSRS understands the misguided guidlines are continuing to hurt the Home Retention process and the current new home buyer's. Lenders need to know that they are continuing to put families at risk.

The intentions of this new contract is to fully educate as we disclose your financial condition and your credit condition and introduce what options are availble to consider before your next step. SIA uses your own finacial information and credit history to assits you in deciding your next step. SIA will also assist you in explaining why your current financial condition does or does not help you and how to fix it. Your own information assist CSRS in demonstrating how vital information is not being used and we want to use this information to present and educate our Government/Lender Servicers... The current working programs used today are still not working. Hear is Congresswomen Waters making an attemp herself just click to see. (

Our SIA tool uses the three basic elements of lending noted above: Credit, Capacity, and Character, these elements need to be reinstated in order to fix the current housing issues.

CSRS is not a legal entity and is fortunate to introduce our original Financial Credit Advisory Division as part of our new intervention and restart program. We have approved and added Lexington Law Group as our independent Credit service company to our program and firm. We also plan to continue to associate ourselves with additional Legal service providers to offer more services (on an as-need basis).

If you are reading this notice it means that we are starting the first step towards working together. Understanding your true financial position and what steps to take has become a challenge and our goal to teach. It is not simple. Why? Because there are elements we all generate and credit habits that we need to understand how to stop and how they impact our daily lives. These elements will be explained for you to recognize as we take small steps towards using your information to understand your financial condition.

Our fees are collected after we interveiw and receive and verify your financial information and your Credit Analysts sets a plan that determines our journey. Our fees are: $349-549.00 based on credit and $649.00-$1049 for those who filed Bankruptcy and need a budget restructure program.

Our additional service will guide you before submitting your MHA or HAMP task if you are still in your home. Then we will address cleaning up your credit. Our goal is for you to reach an understanding of your financial position and set a plan that helps you move forward and rebuild your credit profile. If you have a trouble home loan, we can also educate you about saving or selling your home based on your financial position. The final step is when we assign a SIA Credit Analyst; to begin rebuilding your credit.

Please Note:CSRS is determined to introduce and teach you how the housing and credit issues need to be addressed first without any further delay. Why? Last October of 2010 we finally were privilege to present some elements to the Treasury Department VIA webinar to explain the missing underwriting elements and were applauded with no recognition and very little change. We produced a tool to inform both the lender and the consumer about the right risk for modifying or selling a home in today’s market. Unfortunately now in 2011, we have determined that a grassroots operation needs to be in place in order to facilitate the proper guidance and public policies.

Thank you for intrusting us with your business!

Congratulations! We look forward to helping you plan your next step.

________________________ ________________________ Agent Client


Contract One

STAGE 1 After the SIA analysis has been completed and it is determined you want to keep your home, we will assist for free in completing The Home Retention application if requested. We will also have a guide for you to follow until completion.

We at CSRS do not beleive that most modification being completed serve the homeowner interest.

CSRS wants too thank you for alllowing us to stay updated with the Lender/Servicer/Investor Guidelines. CSRS will assist in providing the following to you for your lender to use.

  1. Income Summary, ii. Debt Summary, iii. Ratio Analysis iv. Ability to pay Summary,
  2. Prepare Summary of Application.
  3. Gather necessary supporting documentation, as necessary
  4. Asset Report. ii. Hardship Description. iii. Verification of Income /Debt position
  5. Review any changes in any Home Retention Process as it applies to each client situation.
  6. Determine the credit condition and how to move forward with a budget plan in place.

7. Assist you in reviewing your proposed home retention solution.

If a Short Sale is in place, we advise you seek a Tax Attorney for each State as required due to the different tax laws for each State.

Thank you for reviewing and understanding this process.

Please sign below.

______________________________ ____________________________



Payments Missed _______/______________= $_______________

________Preliminaries Declaration Of Default Substitution of Trustee

________Start Date Record Notice of Default

________10 Days 10- Day Mailings

________30-Day 30- Day Mailings

________2 Months Authorization to Publish Non- Military Affidavid

________ 3 Months Prepare Notice of Sale

________29 Days prior to sale Mail Notice to IRS (if necessary)

________No later than 20 days publish, Post and Mail Notice of Sale

________ No later than 14 days Record Notice of Sale

_________ Day before Sale Complete Bid Instructions CSRS Update

_________ Sale Day Conduct Sale Prepare and Record Trustee’s Deed

_________ 30 days Served 3 days notice to vacate allow to 60 days in California.

Short Sale Yes Or No


The three-month period is the most critical period for your lender and the best time for you to make a difference in our time line.


Please read the following information for your understanding of terms.

The Foreclosure Process

When a homeowner defaults on a note and deed of trust, sometimes the only recourse for the lender is to proceed with foreclosure of the property. This is an uncomfortable situation for all parties involved and we always handled it with the utmost professionalism.

California: Judicial and non-Judicial

When you as a Borrower in Default?

This includes, but is not limited to the following:

Failure to make their monthly payments as scheduled

Defaulting on a Senior Lien

Failure to pay property taxes on time

Failure to maintain proper insurance

Judicial Foreclosure
The judicial process of foreclosure, which involves filing a lawsuit to obtain a court order to foreclose, is used when no power of sale is present in the mortgage or deed of trust. Generally, after the court declares a foreclosure, your home will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Using this type of foreclosure process, lenders may seek a deficiency judgment and under certain circumstances, the borrower may have up to one (1) year to redeem the property.

Non-Judicial Foreclosure
The non-judicial process of foreclosure is used when a power of sale clause exists in a mortgage or deed of trust. A "power of sale" clause is the clause in a deed of trust or mortgage, in which the borrower pre-authorizes the sale of property to pay off the balance on a loan in the event of their default. In deeds of trust or mortgages where a power of sale exists, the power given to the lender to sell the property may be executed by the lender or their representative, typically referred to as the trustee. Regulations for this type of foreclosure process are outlined below in the "Power of Sale Foreclosure Guidelines".

Credit Risk

Any foreclosure is detrimental to your credit. The idea of settling an account can reduce and save your credit risk by simply reducing any further damage to your credit scores with the right agreements in place.

SIA Solution Home Retention Processing Department

Our team of professionals includes chosen Legal Counsel, Real Estate and Credit Analyst, Mortgage brokers and Processor specialists, who are here to handle the possibility of your foreclosure in a totally professional and respectful manner. We will examine your entire income and expense situation and credit risk, and then develop your plan. This can take as little as 3 days. CSRS offers an asisted service for you to stay in direct contact with your assigned Credit Analyst as you use our guide to complete your file with contact phone numbers for your convenience. We feel very confident that if you stay on your new budget and choose to submit your own Home Retention Program the final numbers may not be to your best interest but may allow you to have a option to keep your home.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

One alternative to a non-judicial foreclosure is a “deed in lieu of foreclosure”. The deed in lieu of foreclosure is an instrument that conveys all interest in the property form the borrower to the mortgagee in order to satisfy a loan in default and avoid a foreclosure.

A deed in lieu of foreclosure actually offers numerous benefits to both borrower and lender. The primary and most important advantage to the borrower is that it immediately released them from most or all the indebtedness involved with the loan and default. A second advantage to the borrower is they avoid the proceeding and public knowledge of a foreclosure. In addition, the borrower can often get better terms by going with a deed in lieu of foreclosure, than if they have a formal foreclosure.

The main advantage to the lender is a major reduction in the time and costs it takes to proceed with a non-judicial foreclosure and there can be other advantages to the lender if the borrower ends up filing for bankruptcy afterwards. The deed in lieu of foreclosure is always entered into on a voluntarily basis and in good faith by both parties. Because the deed in lieu of foreclosure is required to be voluntary, most lenders will often require a written offer of such a conveyance from the borrower that specifically states that they are offering to enter into the negotiations on a voluntary basis. This conveyance enacts the “parole evidence rule” and protects the lender from any future claims by the borrower that they felt pressured in to the settlement or the lender acted in bad faith.

Forbearance Agreement

Sometimes in the process of trying to work out a bad loan, the parties will use what is called a “Forbearance Agreement” which basically establishes the ground rules for continuing the mortgage loan relationship, while both parties try to work out a solution to the defaulted loan and the issues are resolved.

What is a Forbearance Agreement?

A “Forbearance Agreement” is an agreement where a lender will agree not to proceed with an action against a borrower, that it otherwise would have a right to take. In our case, the lender will “forbear or postpone” proceeding with a foreclosure action against the borrower, while both parties try to resolve the issues that are causing the problems with the debt.

When a borrower has a good history with a lender, and has simply run into some temporary financial problems, it can sometimes be in the lenders best interest to enter into a forbearance agreement with the borrower and try to work things out. This avoids the time and costs associated with foreclosure, and will preserve both the loan and the lenders relationship with a good borrower.

Home Retention Solution (SIA):

This is an evaluation tool that empowers and advises all parties involved about what the appropriate financial position and condition of its subject file. It provides further possibilities to be reviewed to bring this file to a positive conclusion. Though our SIA Analysis provides this information, please understand the lender has always determined the final program and decision. Any other alternatives may need the use of consulting our Attorney or yours. Only needed if the lender chooses not to move forward or give you any further alternatives.

Short Sale:

If the client does not qualify for a modification or decides on a short sell. Then the next best option is to have an agreement written by all parties to proceed with this solution. At CSRS we believe that all parties are responsible for working together as we move towards selling a home.

Due to SIA Solution the outcomes have been a very positive as to the payment solution. The principle reduction has yet to be seen and using the right income also is a concern. As the lenders are introduced to our process it is our hope that they decide to change the way they currently assist. For now the goal is to inform and educate the client about their options before thay buy a home or try to submit their information to their lender. We still believe that training Agents and using the right solution can start making a positive difference to entire financial industry.


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