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Our Goal is to provide Agents nationwide with the SIA Result Page, a tool created to explain a family’s financial position in minutes.
Welcome Corporate Partners!
CSRS is offering a free trial demonstration of the SIA Solution which provides real- time answers and critical financial solution for the housing crisis.
A coalition of profits & non-profit agencies helping one another service American Homeowners to understand their financial tomorrow and more!

Affiliates & Non Affiliates

Affiliates are part of our corporation and we have a working contract for their services to sell to our clients.


  1. Lexington Legal.............. 3. Bank Card Services 4. Najsoft Inc.
  2. Merchant Warehouse...... 5. Halo Credit Services 6. HealthMarkets

Non-Affiliates are independent and we have no legal rights as to representing them as part of our business but are a source we trust and work with.


  1. Carmichael copy center
  2. Steve Beedy and Assoiciates
  3. Scott and Coben & Associates
  4. AllState Alain Ionescu
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6728 Fair Oaks #302
Carmichael California 95608

888-232-7356 - Phone Number
916-730-7039 - Mobile Number
888-232-7356 - Fax





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