The SIA Foundation
A coalition of profit and non-profit agencies working together for the purpose of teaching the American Homeowner about their financial tomorrow!

Taking Into Account

Welcome to Cal State Relocation Inc. and our new division named SIA Foundation

My name is John Navarro. I have spent the last twenty years working in the areas of Budget, Finance and Real Estate serving 1000's of clients with great success. These experiences have given me the tools and information to develop multiple solutions for the current housing market.

CSRS is now entering our fourth year of providing services and programs to assist homeowners in distress. We are forming SIA Foundation division to offer other Foundations the chance to become an affiliate and join our commitment to providing viable options in the area of home buying and resolution. CSRS has developed the SIA platform we named SIA Solution and incorporated the basic elements of finance, budget, credit and understanding "real" income to facilitate the best possible solution for the family. We can arrive at this answer in minutes.

Your foundation will have the opportunity to provide and expand your offerings for the families currently using your services. The process is simple. Your next step is to click below for an overview of SIA and an application to set a time for a preliminary interview and sign up for our training webinar. This upfront service is free. ($795. value) Contact us for more information.

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