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Our Goal is to provide Agents nationwide with the SIA Result Page, a tool created to explain a family’s financial position in minutes.
Welcome Corporate Partners!
CSRS is offering a free trial demonstration of the SIA Solution which provides real- time answers and critical financial solution for the housing crisis.
A coalition of profits & non-profit agencies helping one another service American Homeowners to understand their financial tomorrow and more!

Membership Information


The following Professional Home Retention Membership options are available effective March 15 of 2013. The first 50 members to join will receive a credit of $136 dollars just for signing up! They will also receive additional benefits for their first month's membership. As a SIA Member you will have ongoing education and a support team and our online training. After twenty years of Real Estate and Finance/Mortgages and having to deal with today's market for the last seven years, I will explain how to take the mistery out of qualifying your clients on most programs before they decide to submit anything to anyone. CSRS is in a position to act and introduce Standardized Input Application along with the SIA Input Calculator and Result Page. SIA has been used in our office since the last part of 2009 and continues to be the most effective tool for understanding the lender's decisions before it occurs.(99% approval rating that demonstrates why the home retention programs continue to put homeowners at risk. ) The SIA has been rigorously tested and offers numerous applications for use in eliminating the ongoing housing crisis as well as building a healthy future for our clients, our communities and ourselves.

A Certification training program for SIA Solution is available and highly recommended.

Member Introductory course $129: ($265) A savings of $136.00

All Membership Upgrade classes are $129.00

Support per file review & training fees: $60 per file up to 12 entries.

* Option A. In house

1-4 Short Sale Entries per file ... Cost $95.00

* Option B.

1-8 Short Sale entries per month... Six month advance fees $699.

* Option C. A per submission cost for expert certifiaction

Per submission... $220 SSHR transaction fee: Continuous training for each of the transactions: up to 12

In addition to the expert member fee, includes only a usage fee of $50 per file this fee can vary depending on the volume.

CSRS Review and Expert Certification

SIA Financial Reveiw : Allows the Agent members the use of our online system for Pre-screening Home Retention and Short Sale Clients for Free. The training fee covers training requirements and additional tools to use and earn more income.

Expert Level One: This allows the Home retention User to have more benefits and a reduction in ongoing fees. Cost of $2495.00 per year to use our online HRS program after training.

Additional offerings for our valued Professional members:

As a SIA Solution Member, you have the choice of Options D & E.

* Option D: $595 & $995 per agent

We offer the option of taking the long and frustrating process away or split the time with you, freeing your energy to be better spent building your business. We also offer how to best settle 2nd for free.

* Option E:

Available after July 31st , 2013...after completing the Certification training qualified members can purchase your own Pre Screening Short Sale Home Retention System (call for details)CSRS has not seen any of the home retenetion programs fit the need of the homeowner! Short sale seems to be the better solution....JMN

The benefits of the SIA Solution System, will instantly enhance your business, change our industry from becoming more toxic, allow us to rebuild our own business into a meaningful less confrontational place and increase our success one client or family at a time.

Let team at SIA Solution help you get started today.

Just call 888-232-7356 to join our webinar!

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