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Our Goal is to provide Agents nationwide with the SIA Result Page, a tool created to explain a family’s financial position in minutes.
Welcome Corporate Partners!
CSRS is offering a free trial demonstration of the SIA Solution which provides real- time answers and critical financial solution for the housing crisis.
A coalition of profits & non-profit agencies helping one another service American Homeowners to understand their financial tomorrow and more!

Welcome to SIA Solution

Welcome to SIA Solutions as an independent educational IT and Developmental approach towards understanding how to resolve lifes Aging, Financial, and Housing issues. Therefore, with having an IT, Software Development as part of the business plan SIA now includes Credit, Legal, Health, some Products including Life insurance products to assist in our future as part of ones financial solutio

SIA Standarized Input Application (SIA) and Software, which analyzes the financial condition for each individual homeowner based on there own assets and future expenditure needs. We have created an assemblage of new tools that provide essential reports with which to rebuild stronger and healthier personal relationships and establish a better understanding of the condition of our financial well-being. This includes re-establishing our Markets by introducing a new financial foundation as a way to extend the stay in ones home and developing and competing a plan. This country's financial future is desperate for a New Approach, for a team that will take action! We have the team, and we are ready to introduce that New Approach. We are ready to begin educating the existing workforce and put America back on track... One individual... family... community... state at a time.

What if... families could be liberated from the devastation of losing their homes and be free to rebuild their lives in a couple of months rather than a year or more. What if... billions of dollars could be saved by a system that can be implemented and be up and running in weeks? What if... thousands of short sales/modifications could be processed in a day? What if... each file could be reviewed, evaluated and completed in minutes? What if...all this was possible and SO MUCH MORE!?

SIA Solutions will continue to provide the essential tools for professionals to understand the real-time information necessary to determine how to achieve an agreement that maximizes the benefits to all. This understanding creates a road map that gives both the facilitator and the client direction as they work toward a solution. We believe that if one understands their complete financial and credit position, they can move forward with a fiscally responsible plan of action.

SIA Solution can enhance and expedite today's ongoing programs and reduce current costs to "pennies on the dollar". Our housing crisis needs attention, TODAY! Let's bring America back to her feet without wasting further time, energy and money.

SIA Solution Just published a book: Standardized Input Application "SIA" A Solution to improve Your Financial Future. We just moved 6/1/2014, New Location 6720 Fair Oaks Blvd #104 Carmichael CA, 95608 To order just call us at 888-232-7356 or for more information just send us a message.

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Carmichael California 95608

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