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Modification Package
Due to the laws in California we can no longer do Free: Workup sheet*processing* limited credit counseling*processing of your modification package. This is now part of our Step One Contract. Upon completion of Step One solutions are known. If we decide to take your case we then collect a fee of $795. You still will have the option for letting us continue to process your file and pay us the second fee of $700, after the modification has been completed.
Dear Client:

My name is John M. Navarro, Broker/Owner of Cal State Relocation, Inc. We have recently opened our Modification Processing Department. I have been in the business of Mortgages and Real Estate, for over twenty years. While working in collections with Norwest Financial in their Bad Debt department, I settled, purchased and set payment plans with positive results. I then opened CSRS doors in 1994. As I continued to learn more about mortgages. I have  originated FHA, VA, and conforming loans for home buyers. I have instructed 1000’s in Sacramento through First Time Home Buyer’s seminars. I have successfully helped individuals and families to understand Credit and the importance of having a Budget in place. CSRS is not a legal entity, but as part of our modification processing department, we have added an independent legal service provider that will offer their services(on an as-need basis) during your modification process. An example would be to intervene to extend the timeframe of an impending foreclosure if necessary. This may only occur after CSRS analyzes your current position and informs you on your best possible solution as we submit our forms.
If you are reading this notice, it means that we can begin to reconnect you with your lender. You have chosen our services to help determine what options you have in the current market place. There will be no other fees collected from us, although their may be fees collected to settle your account with your lender. Our goal is to reach an agreement and help settle your account. Through our program, you can feel confident that we can help evaluate the terms and conditions of to the present terms of your loan. It is our job to determine if we can come to a positive and cooperative solution on your behalf with your lender.

What are the next steps?

The first step-is to determine if we can help you. If yes. We collect the an application fee to continue the evaluation process. Then our assigned Originator will gather your financial materials and signatures required for us to become authorized to speak on your behalf. No other fees will be collected. The second step- may take 5-10 days before we know the status of your file. Third step- is preparing your package for submission to your lender. This includes our financial analysis, a hardship letter, explaining what has happened to your financial situation, one month’s pay stubs, last year’s W2‘s, last month’s bank statement and a list of all the additional expenses including food, cable, gas, electric, etc. When the complete packet is sent to the lender, your assigned agent will then contact you within 20-24 days in the process. This allows time for the package to be uploaded into the lender system and helps determine their parameters. Fourth step- your agent will set up a new time-line if necessary, two-three weeks which notifies you about what options are being available to you as a result of the possible lender changes. The final step- is the  final offer for your case. At this time, you and your agent will discuss the elements of that solution so you have no confusion regarding the options under the new approved resolution.




Good luck!

John M. Navarro